Misha Levin


'Wallpaper' series

Wallpapers serve as a symbol of one of the main problems of modern society, the imperfections in understanding of different mentality and cultural epochs, which leads to fundamental crises in all spheres of existence.

If to look at the formal function of this material, then, first of all, it is evident that it is not even to decorate the space, but a way to hide the imperfections of the space. The wallpaper allows to hide pores and cracks and thus to create a sense of cleanliness. In fact, it is a kind of veil that does not eliminate the problem, but only hides it from our eyes and allows us to forget about existing issues that need a responsible decision. But in essence a person is peculiar to turn away, or even just pretend, and thereby absolve himself from responsibility for the time being in which we exist. Moreover, wallpaper is also used to absorb sound and reduce noise, from which is desired to escape and never hear, but to live in a kind of vacuum, that is simply an emptiness.

The series has a completely different level of perception. The very process of drawing on wallpaper refers to early childhood, to childish pranks, when for the first time there is a desire for self-expression, the need to speak out about the surrounding reality, to make a statement, the desire to show your vision and to be heard. This kind of memories, for sure, is almost everyone's, but not everyone realizes how important it is to have the right to do so. In the childhood, it is very uncommon to think and to comprehend whether it is worth speaking out or staying in a vacuum.

Colour is also an extremely important element in the works because it becomes the instrument that regulates the power of expression. And as the process of working with material places emphasis and referring to childhood memories, colour takes a dominant position and almost absorbs all the content. But the choice of the colour palette was not accidental. Each shade and colour correlates with a particular precious stone, and this in turn is a kind reference to how important and valuable is to think about what is happening around us. And finally, due to the abundance of colours, contrasts and texture of the paint layer, a foggy fleur is created, as if a hint of memories and impressions of the eastern bazaar, which very clearly reproduces the way of life and the atmosphere of the "other world".

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